Original Art

Original Poster Art - We Are Opening Our Art Vault
We have decided to open our original poster art vault and offer for sale the pieces of original poster art that have come our way over the years. Offered on this page are several exceptional pieces. Original poster art from the 1960s is very rare, especially in nice condition. These are the original art pieces used to produce the posters. Lithographers would capture an image of the art on film and then use the film to create printing plates which when attached to printing presses created the posters.

Original poster art from the 1960s is super rare and is seldom available for sale. The original art offers the viewer a different perspective on the design which can be more interesting and compelling that the finished poster. The market for these pieces is very competitive and prices have grown from four figures in the 1990s to five to six figures, in addition to collectors, major institutions have begun to collect and display original poster art as fine art.

Remember, original art is the thing itself - once these items are gone, that is it!

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