Bill Graham

If you're new to collecting, this is the series to take a look at. Why? Because it is the largest in terms of the sheer number of posters and spans 1966-1971. Bill Graham started promoting concerts as early as 1965 and continued through mid-1971 when he shuttered the Fillmore auditoriums on both coasts. The series is numbered and runs from 1 thru 287, though many consider two additional posters to be part of the series bringing the total to 289. The early posters were printed on a vellum stock and eventually, the posters were produced with a glossy finish. This is the most widely collected and researched area of the market, so it’s a great place for new collectors to start.

Bill Graham. Where would the world of music be without him? Bill Graham is renowned worldwide as a rock impresario who promoted some of the biggest acts of the day throughout his entire career. From his start in small venues like the legendary Fillmore auditoriums to mega stadiums to his untimely death in 1991, Bill Graham brought the music to the people and the world is all the better for it!

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