Auction Terms and Conditions


Our auctions are free for you to browse without registering, but you must register an account on our store to place a bid. A valid email address is also required for registration which will be used to communicate all bidding details via email.

All bids placed with RockPosters.Com, are legally binding. By registering and bidding in this auction you are entering into a legal contract to purchase the item being bid on. By bidding in this auction you expressly agree to all of the Auction Terms and Conditions. If you are the successful bidder on an item, you will be considered the buyer of the item.

If a winning bidder does not honor his or her bid with payment in full within 7 days of receipt of your invoice, then it is agreed that RockPosters.Com, may then offer the item to the next highest bidder for purchase, or sell the item again in the future in a new auction. The original bidder is responsible for any losses incurred and that the non paying winning bidder explicitly agrees to pay any and all reasonable legal fees incurred by RockPosters.Com, in the collection of these losses.

We reserve the right to refuse any bid, for any reason. Bids that are not submitted in “good faith”, or are not supported by satisfactory credit, references, or for any or no other reason we deem necessary to ensure honest bidding.


You must be logged into your RockPosters.Com account to place a bid.

Standard Bids
Using the “PLACE MY BID” button, you may enter any bid amount into the auction bid price field, and the item will be bid to that amount. You will be automatically instructed on what the minimum bidding amount is, right above the "PLACE MY BID" button. Our bidding increments are shown below and also automatically calculated during the bidding process.

Once you have entered your bid, you will receive a flash notification in the bidding area stating "BID SUCCESSFULLY PLACED". You will also receive email confirmation, and be able to check your bids in your "My Account" section with the "VIEW YOUR BIDS" button.

Automatic (Proxy) Bids
All details for Automatic/Proxy bids are the same as the Standard Bids, except the bidding system changes in the fact that when you enter your bid, this price will be the maximum you are willing to bid. If someone else places a bid the system will automatically increase yours by our standard increments until the maximum amount you bid for. To place an Automatic (Proxy) bid, use the "PLACE AUTOMATIC BID" button.



$0.00 - $200.00  +$10.00
$200.00 - $500.00  +$25.00
$500.00 - $1000.00  +$50.00
$1000.00 - 5000.00  +$100.00 
$5000.00 + and up.  +$250.00


All auctions will be subject to a 15% buyers fee.
This fee will be automatically applied to the final auction price if you are the winning bidder.


The ability to “snipe” will not be allowed in our auction. Each item lists a closing time. If a bid is received within the last five minutes before the scheduled closing of the item, then the bidding will be extended on that specific item for an additional ten minutes. This means there is no reason to wait until the end of the sale to enter your bids. A late bid on an item only extends the closing of that particular lot, NOT the entire auction.

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