AUCTION - Bill Ham Light Show - 1966 Event Handbill - Excellent

AUCTION - Bill Ham Light Show - 1966 Event Handbill - Excellent

AUCTION - Bill Ham Light Show - 1966 Event Handbill - Excellent

Before the Fillmore. Before the Avalon. Before LSD became illegal. There were light show events! Here we have light show pioneer William (Bill) Ham performing "Vision in Motion, a Spontaneous Light Sound Composition". Interesting venue in the KPFA studios in San Francisco. Held on consecutive weekends in January 1966. Coincidentally the same weekend as the Trips Festival at Longshoremen's Hall. Bill Ham was accompanied by music and even did an a.m. matinee on Sundays. There are two fantastic San Francisco Chronicle reviews at the bottom that pretty much says it all. Phil Elwood and Al Frankenstein seem to have really gotten the point. For most light show artists, Bill Hamm included, their work was not only art but I Avant Garde as well. This heritage of thought comes from the 1950s but the 1960s brought psychedelic music and drugs into the frame and the appetite for multi-sensory art grew dramatically. This piece Is from near the very beginning of what was to become a light show revolution. William Ham was at the forefront all along. Just like the future name of his light show: Headlights. This very desirable handbill measures approximately 8 1/2" x 11", and is in Excellent condition, with light corner bends and mild handling. Just a super cool, never-before-seen here, a gem of a handbill!

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