AUCTION - AOR 3.87 - John Mayall - 1968 Poster - The Bank - Very Good

AUCTION - AOR 3.87 - John Mayall - 1968 Poster - The Bank - Very Good

AUCTION - AOR 3.87 - John Mayall - 1968 Poster - The Bank - Very Good

This original concert poster is from Torrance, CA in the Los Angeles area. This short-lived venue was called The Bank, and they put on a bunch of shows, all in 1968. Here they have John Mayall performing with the Chicago Transit Authority and the Mug-Wumps on September 27–29, 1968. Additionally, the venue offers theatrical performances the first two nights by the Freeform Troupe doing Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "Routines". Lovely line drawing portrait of the seminal John Mayall! The artwork is by Bob Wilson, who did all of the Bank's artwork. Wilson did not sign his pieces, rather he put a buffalo in each piece. Monochrome on yellow stock, the piece measures 14" x 20", approximately. This John Mayall poster from the Bank in beautiful Torrance, CA is in Very Good condition, with multiple staple holes throughout, including imprints of the staple gun head which break the surface, a corner bend at the upper right, edge wear, handling, toning, surface wear, tape, pulls on reverse, and some of the previously described staple and staple gun head damage is visible from the reverse. This piece is featured in the Art of Rock book on Page 282, Plate 3.87.

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