AUCTION - AOR 2.1 - "THE SEED" - Charlatans - 1965 Poster - Red Dog Saloon - Excellent

AUCTION - AOR 2.1 - "THE SEED" - Charlatans - 1965 Poster - Red Dog Saloon - Excellent

AUCTION - AOR 2.1 - "THE SEED" - Charlatans - 1965 Poster - Red Dog Saloon - Excellent

Here it is. One of the rarest, most sought-after posters in the poster-collecting world. This is what's commonly known as "The Seed". It got that moniker from being hand-drawn, whimsical, and goofy with a phrase like "The Limit of the Marvelous". The band, from San Francisco, was the Charlatans, and in the summer of 1965 performed at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, NV. up in the gold rush country. This was several months before the Fillmore and Avalon Ballrooms had even gotten started. The Charlatans played for several weeks and during that time word spread of these unique, LSD and pot-fueled parties. Pretty soon people were coming from Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland as well as from the Bay Area to check it out. Those folks then went back home
and went about trying to recreate a similar scene, complete with wild, hand-drawn psychedelic posters to attract like-minded individuals to attend. After
that, the Charlatans went back to San Francisco to help launch the psychedelic sixties. The rest is, as they say, history.

Pictured in the Art of Rock book on page 89 plate 2.1, the very first poster pictured in the S.F. Bay Area section. Measures approx. 10" X 13 15/16". Condition- Excellent with four tape pulls, stains, pinholes, handling, and toning. Still very presentable. A must-have for any serious collection.

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