AUCTION - AOR 4.220 - Grateful Dead - 1973 Poster - from Bill Graham Archives - Good

AUCTION - AOR 4.220 - Grateful Dead - 1973 Poster -  from Bill Graham Archives - Good

AUCTION - AOR 4.220 - Grateful Dead - 1973 Poster - from Bill Graham Archives - Good

This Grateful Dead poster is by David E. Byrd. Here we have the Grateful Dead, playing at Nassau Coliseum in New York State. The "Swell Dance Concert" motif is played to the hilt here. "He's truckin'" And "She's Posin" just works so well with the two dancers. IInnocence with a bit of a wink. David Byrd, who did the original Woodstock poster, as well as the Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane Fillmore East posters, is an exceptional artist, whose work is recognized well beyond the rock poster collector scene. The Dead were just coming off the tragic death of the beloved Pigpen in 1973 and were playing on Phil Lesh's 30th birthday a week later. This poster is featured in the Art of Rock book on page 403, plate 4.220. Bill Graham presents put on the show. "Stock the buggy at 7 PM," it says.

This incredibly rare poster measures 24 7/8" x 36", approximately. This very large size makes for difficult handling and storage over the years. This piece is from the Bill Graham Presents archives and it went through a fire at the offices in San Francisco. This explains the fire and water damage which virtually all surviving examples of this poster display some amount of. From personal archival experience, I can safely say that this poster is one of the considerably better-looking examples that survived the ordeal. That said, the condition is Good, with rough corners and edges from burns and water damage, handling, handling from rolling, and surviving an arson attack! This David Byrd piece is easily one of the most desirable and hard-to-get posters for Grateful Dead collectors. Would still present quite well in a frame, and really take command of the wall space. Carpe Diem. These don't come along very often.

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